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Largest South African spinning mill is Belcoro certified

Prilla 2000 (PTY) a spinning mill company with production site at Pietermaritzburg, South Africa has obtained on November 6, 2012 the Belcoro Certificate issued by Oerlikon Schlafhorst (Group member of Swiss Oerlikon Corporation respectively Oerlikon Textile)

The South African company produces quality yarns on the world’s most modern rotor spinning machines and there are five Autocoro 8 machines installed producing premium yarns for the domestic and European market.

Unbenannt102When provided with the Belcoro Certificate, Enrique Crouse, CEO of Prilla 2000 stated enthusiastically “for us, the Belcoro licence is like winning an Olympic gold medal – it opens new markets up to us worldwide”. The company has been established in 1964 and employs a staff of 280 people working in three shifts. The spinning mills produce rotor and ring yarns of 100 % cotton in the count range Nm 27 – Nm40 (Ne 16 – Ne 24) and the annual production is approximately 9000 t  of yarns destined for use in terry goods, flat woven and knitted fabric. Prilla 2000 is certified ISO 900 and OE 100 Standard of the Organic Exchange.